Advanced Course in Girona WordPress

On April 14 I have the pleasure of teaching in Girona (at Parc Ttecnològic UDG) course Advanced WordPress, Designed for all those students who participated in the first two editions of Course for Creating WordPress Tourist Websites, They can expand their knowledge.

In this course we will see the following topics:

  • How to improve WordPress SEO.
  • How to install Google Analytics codes on our WordPress and how to define the objectives and the conversion funnel page, Google Analytics (it is recommended that students come to training with the access data to your Google Analytics account. If do not have it, they can register
  • How to embed videos and other content in WordPress.
  • What are the best plugins to enhance your WordPress. With these plugins we can: create a good contact form, get a multilingual site, include the "likes" of Facebook and the "Twit this" Twitter, connect with our WordPress Twitter, etc.
  • How the payment templates work and how we can change the design of the same.
  • How the e-commerce plugin for WordPress.
  • How to start having subscribers (see how to install the different services of Feedburner)

In the second half of the course we will deal specifically how it should be the website of our hotel or tourist establishment. We will see

  • How to create a good who we are.
  • How to create a good where we are.
  • How to create tabs room.
  • How to create pages for different market segments (for families with children, business tourism, event, etc.)
  • How to create landing pages (landing pages) for our SEM campaigns (see how to create pages that do not go and get the menu, and see how to include contact forms on a particular page)
  • How to create a nice favicon (if you know what a favicon click here: What is a favicon)

The course will last for 4 hours and will start at 10 am on April 14.

This is an advanced course so taken for granted that all students have installed WordPress and know it to work at a basic level (create a page, create an entry, create a category, download a theme, download a plugin, etc. ). People who know me know I would do anything to help others, but in this case I will stand and not spend time on basic issues related to WordPress and even less, to issues related to the installation of the program.

If you think you may be interested in attending the course, you will find more information here: Advanced Course WordPress for Tourist companies

See you in Girona.

A hug.

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