Course Basic and advanced WordPress in Olot this May

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The next 11 and May 31 I am pleased to teach two classes in Olot WordPress: a first session and a second basic WordPress, WordPress Advanced. Organized by the Higher Education Foundation of Olot.

In the class of basic WordPress we will see:

  • How it works hosting service.
  • How a database is created.
  • How does an FTP program and how you can use to upload files to our hosting.
  • How WordPress is installed.
  • How it works at a basic level (publication and page entries).
  • How can I change the language.
  • How you can customize its appearance for longer looks like a blog and become a corporate website.

No technical knowledge for installing WordPress are needed, how little there is to know is what I explain in class.

In the class of WordPress Avanzado we will see:

  • How to Improve SEO for WordPress appear in the top positions on search engines.
  • How to install Google Analytics codes on our WordPress and how to define the objectives and the conversion funnel page in Google Analytics (it is recommended that students come to training with the access data to your Google Analytics account. If do not have it, they can register at
  • How to embed videos and other content in WordPress.
  • What are the best plugins to enhance your WordPress. With these plugins we can: create a good contact form, get a multilanguage site, include the "likes" of Facebook and the "Twit this" Twitter, connect with our WordPress Twitter, etc.
  • How the payment templates work and how we can change the design of the same.
  • How the e-commerce plugin for WordPress that we posed to sell books, tickets, etc.
  • How to start having subscribers (via email, via newsletter and via Feedburner)

In the second half of the class we discuss specifically how the website should be a company or an institution. We will see

  • How to create a good who we are.
  • How to create a good where we are.
  • How to create product listings.
  • Aiming the web client and not product.
  • Creating landing pages (landing pages) for our SEM campaigns (we see how to create pages that do not go and get the menu, and see how to include contact forms on a particular page)
  • How to create a nice favicon (if you know what a favicon click here: What is a favicon)

If you want to attend the course (one day or two days), please contact Marta Figueras of Higher Education Foundation of Olot (972262128)

See you there.

I go all right.

6 replies
  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Very interesting during the day 31 for those who are "beginning" in this master the wordpress.

    I'll see if I can attend, it interests me explain almost everything in the blog.

    a greeting.

  2. Edurne
    Edurne says:

    Hi Montse,
    I registered during wordpress Olot. I have installed WordPress and I ask you a question. Is there a plugin or theme that is to include a section on the website for members and they had access to register ?. This space should be used for communication within the organization and to upload documents to meeting minutes, etc.
    Thank you so much,

  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    Edurne, it is no way to make a part of the site is private and only enter it through a login and password. Now ... I do not remember the plugin to have a look and I tell you now.
    A hug.

  4. Edurne
    Edurne says:

    Hi Montse,
    I'm already practicing with WordPress installed. I wonder how can I create a tab that is the blog. I created three pages who I am ?, what? and customers. Now I want to add a new tab to be the blog. How do I do?
    Thank you so much,

  5. Silvia
    Silvia says:

    Good afternoon Montserrat.

    The seven great course, too short ... too bad is that WordPress is a whole world !!!
    I hope impatiently in the course notes.

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