WordPress Course in Barcelona, ​​April 2013

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I know that there are still many days in April ... but during January some students were on the waiting list, so we have opened registration for the next course Creating websites with WordPressWhich will take place in Barcelona.

This course will begin on April 3 and consist of 4 sessions of 4 hours each. These sessions will be held on days 3, 10, 17 and 24 April (every Wednesday April) at the headquarters of bimbs (Barcelona International Management Business School, c / Montevideo, No. 31 [behind the Monastery of Pedralbes] 08034 Barcelona ). Hours are from 16 to 20h.

As in previous years, the goal is to get students to create their own corporate website from content manager WordPress (To give you an idea, here are some pages created with WordPress: www.montsepenarroya.com, www.bimb-school.es, www.morecolorum.com, www.cuinadecasa.com, www.pmasters.es, www.3isic.com, www.lonostrearros.cat, …)

The website that each student will create perfectly indexed in search engines, contain codes Google Analytics so that students can keep track of visits and contacts received, will be registered with Google Webmaster, it will automatically connect to the main social networks and if the student wishes, it can also be multi-language translation with automatic or manual translation.

To do this, the student must have a domain name and a hosting (Web hosting) in which the WordPress install. The domain name has a cost between 10 euros / year and 15 euros / year for a "dot com". The hosting is a cost ranging between 50 euros / year and 80 euros / year.

To facilitate the installation of WordPress, buying domains and hosting contracting have signed an agreement with the company CDMon.com offering these services.

This company offers a hosting with preinstalled WordPress, free for 6 months, change your logo appears as a technology partner on the website of the student. If you want to take advantage of this promotion, please indicate when booking the course and we will send codes that allow you to hire the hosting for zero euros.

If you are not interested in the promotion, also we recommend hiring a preinstalled WordPress hosting you have, since you will save spend time on the technical part of the installation of this content manager. To help guide you, these are the features offered in the Junior CDmon hosting (which is what we recommend) https://www.cdmon.com/cas/hosting/ .

In case you do not get a hosting with preinstalled WordPress, do not worry, you will install the first day of class. Be sure only to have the login and pasword of your hosting and it allows the creation of a database. The rest will do in class.

The total course fee is 340 € / student.

He market value of a website done in WordPress It is 3,500 euros, so less than 10% of its price and an investment of 16 hours of your time, you can get both anelas website, and learn how it is created.

During class, he personally advise each student on the particularities of each website and it will work both individually and in groups. We will be 2 teachers, Helena House and me, together we will advance the creation of the website each.

Students of Master in Digital Marketing bimbs edition starting in March 2013, can attend for free to this course, but you also need to register. If you have already registered the Master, it features you can take this course in person by attending these classes or online.

We talk to each other.

A hug.

5 replies
  1. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Doncs em poso “manos a la obra” per mirar d’organitzar-ne un :-)
    Què et sembla el fem generalista o el fem especialitzat en algun sector? (Turisme, Cultura, Comerç…)

  2. Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel says:

    Hola Montse, si tienes previsto hacerlo en Tarragona, me espero. Subir a Barna me supone transtorno. Por mi generalista.

    Thank you

    Tu curso de marqueting en Valls, me ayudo mucho. Quisiera pasarme a WordPress pero…

  3. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Miguel, estoy preparándolo, pero aun no tengo ni fechas ni lugar. Pero cuenta con ello: Curso de WordPress en Tarragona.
    Cuando lo tenga a punto, lo publicaré aquí en el blog.
    A big hug.

  4. josep
    josep says:

    Buenas…. hola, soc de TGN i tambè estic interessat en apendre. ja dirâs.
    ¿Para cuando Curso de WordPress en Tarragona?

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