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Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the super event women 3.0 organized by AGIMA (The association that promotes personal and professional development of women).

In this event, the President of Agima explained briefly what is and what activities Agima promotes, and behind it, I gave a lecture on Mobile Marketing, ie on marketing communications using mobile devices as support.

I used slides are as follows:

After my speech, the theater group the Xandrines He brightened up the day with a performance on Women 3.0 very very very funny. But unfortunately, all attendees we feel reflected in its parody at one time or another ... so really, besides entertaining work gave rise to personal reflection and not leave you indifferent.

After the performance, Hotel Grums (A newly opened hotel located next to Paralel Barcelona) offered a great snack on their terrace.

I take these lines to thank AGIMA, a the Xandrines and Hotel Grums the attention they had with me and to congratulate them for their interventions in each of the aspects of the organization of the event. Everything was perfect.

For those who could not attend to it, you can read the tweets act tracking typing on Twitter #agimagrums or waiting for one day, to have Agima about the video that was recorded during the event.

Final note: For those who asked me about what my next open event, indicate that this afternoon participated in a conference on managing your personal brand at UAB. These talks are open to everyone. My speech will be the second, starting at 4 pm and is taught in the hall of the principalship. The assistance is free and no cost.

We talk to each other.

A hug

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  1. Lluís Lozano
    Lluís Lozano says:

    Ahir vaig gaudir de la presentació que vas fer i em va encantar, però realment vaig quedar sorprés de la era de pedra en que encara visc. El millor del cas és que dins tot el que ens vas dir vaig veure algunes possibles aplicacions pràctiques pel tipus de negoci que estem duent a terme, el que com moltes vegades passa ens trovem amb l’impossibilitat d’arribar els que som “petits”, donat l’alta inversió que representa en un mercat on de moment, just cobrim les despeses inicials del negoci. Espero poder ser consumidor d’aquests serveis aviat, però mentrestant, m’agradaria saber si es poden trobar tutorials o similar per poder fer la web adaptada a mòbil i passar el nivell de compatibilitat que vas comentar en una de les teves diapos.
    Thank you share your knowledge with us, I look forward to your return to attend other conferences.
    A greeting,
    Lluís Lozano.

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hi Luis, thanks for your comments. Hey, in the literature that I show in the penultimate slide had a website where t'adjuden with the issue of compatibility for mobile. Doing a Google search you can also find out more, seeking information related sure there are websites where they explain how to validate each line of code (apart from that in the same place as tell you where you have errors).

    They all go well.
    A hug Louis.

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