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Following the report on which I started writing yesterday, today I would like to discuss various actions undertaken by brands that aim to develop and retain market segments that so far no attack through mobile marketing.

Specifically, the report echo 3 projects that I find particularly interesting are:

  1. Application Lancome to try different types of makeup (this may still be understood that it is for under 25s, but still I find it interesting). The application can be downloaded here: Lancome
  2. Application Nestlé for pregnant in which that provides relevant information and services specific added value to this market segment. The application is enhanced by a website and various blogs. The application can be downloaded here: become a Mom
  3. Application Kraft called iFood for managing recipes (payment [$ 0.99]), 60% of users of which, 6 months later, still use it. The application can be downloaded here: iFood

We note therefore that is starting to make mobile marketing not only users under 25, but it is also attacking more mature users but also use these devices.

As in all digital marketing action, the secret is none other than microsegmentation and customer orientation:

  • On the one hand, looking small and specific segments it is really difficult to reach if not for digital media.
  • On the other, think about what content and what services might be interesting for these micro segments and offer them for free or at a nominal cost.

It is curious how brands through the use of these applications are changing the relationship they have with their clients: go to base their relationship on the consumption of their products to base it on the consumption of their services as a way to improve the relationship with their customers so that they end buying more products. Marketing departments of big brands must all be in full transformation.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Smart Marketing for smartphones: Why is it important mobile marketing”.

I go all right.

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