The Confidence Factor by Stephen Covey Jr.

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My dear ex-boss, Antonio González-Barros, has sent me a new fragment of a book written by Stephen Covey Jr. of those thought-provoking and compelling to start the week with good intentions and desire to improve oneself.

The book's title is "The Trust Factor"And the fragment to reflect is as follows:

Most tend to think of trust in terms of character: be a good or sincere person, or have ethics and integrity. And the character is totally basic and essential; but as I noted in the previous chapter, think that confidence is based solely on the character is a myth.

Confidence depends on two things: character and competence. The character includes the integrity, motives, intentions with people. The competition comprises the capabilities, skills, performance and trajectory. And both are essential.


Imagine yourself in court. He has been subpoenaed to testify as an expert witness and attorney for the prosecution is trying to convince the jury that you are a credible witness. What you will try to prove?

First, you are a whole person: that is honest and consistent, which has a reputation for telling the truth and not lie.

Second, it has good intentions, that is not trying to deceive or protect anyone who lacks motivation or hidden agendas that could influence their testimony.

Third, it has excellent references and who really has the expertise, knowledge, technology and capacity in the area that has been called to testify.

And, fourthly, it has maintained a good track record, which has proven its capabilities effectively in other situations in the past, you get results and there is reason to believe they will do so.

I hope you will be useful to you too and help you to start the week thinking about trust, how to transmit and how to recognize it.

A big hug.

7 replies
  1. Josep Lluis
    Josep Lluis says:

    Thanks Montse. There is also a psychological aspect fundamental, like the sport. In addition to capacity and confidence you feel that you can stream and becomes easier to achieve goals.

  2. Leonor García
    Leonor García says:

    Thank you !! Montse, I also know the extent and seriousness with which we mesurar trust.

  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    The truth is that this text Covey, although cortito by comparison with the book, gives to meditate for many hours.
    Glad to see that you found interesting.
    A big hug.

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