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Yesterday began again the academic year and another year, the Master's program in Marketing and Distribution Graduate School at UAB offers the service assignment of trainees to companies that want to offer these positions to our students.

The profile of students we have at this time, in this group of Masters, is as follows:

  • Graduates in ADEWith two languages ​​and experience in different sectors. Studying the Master in Business Administration and Management Business and Distribution, studying the Master in Management and International Business, or studying the Master in Euroasian International Business.
  • Graduates in International TradeSome of them with high levels of English, German, French and Italian. Studying the Master in Management and International Business

Both groups the others have already completed my subject, or are about to do so. Therefore, they have knowledge of Digital Marketing including SEO, SEM, advertising management and management of social networking profiles is.

Some of them also participated in the session setup and management of a website using WordPress as content manager, so they know how to use a CMS and how to manage the content of a web page that uses a CMS.

The Master in Euroasian International Business is a master's degree taught in English, so students who enrolled have a high command of the language, in addition to own and Castilian (many of them are centroeuropa or any Asian country ... but we also have Latin American and Spanish) students. This student profile can help in the internationalization of your company.

So if your company needs a helping hand in marketing and distribution, international trade or any issue related to Internet marketing, you might like to sign a cooperation agreement with the UAB and have some of our students practices.

If this is the case, please send an email indicating what kind of profile would need or complete the following form: Form Application of trainees.

This is a service that is beneficial to both students (who are offered the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to improve their curriculum) and businesses (which have qualified, but inexperienced in most case, for a very low cost).

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  1. Background
    Background says:

    Hello Montse,
    recorda promocionar tambe els estudiants del master Euroasian International Business :-) encara que molts estiguem ja treballant. Es l’estudi en que mes he disfrutat estudiant. Molt be el teu blog. El segueixo sovint, i ara encara mes perque he d’acabar el treball per la teva assignatura pel dia 15!

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hola Alfons, tens raó… cal promocionar també els del Euroasian… ara ho incorporo a l’article.
    Moltes gràcies i una forta abraçada.

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