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Google PageRank update in May 2007.

As planned, this weekend Google has updated the PageRank displayed in the Google bar that users have installed on their browsers. Google only updates this information every four months.

What is PageRank and its importance in the sorting algorithm results?

PageRank is the algorithm that Google uses to give a numerical value to the importance of a web page. This value is used as part of the algorithm that sets the order in which search results are displayed on Google.

The PageRank is named in honor of its creator Larry Page. PageRank does not mean "ranking of pages".

The purpose of PageRank is to assign a numerical value to web pages according to the number of times the recommended and other pages according to PageRank having these pages. That is, it establishes the importance of that website.

From January 24 (day when Google changed its sorting algorithm to neutralize some of the pitfalls that performed webmasters unscrupulous) in PageRank also affects the reliability of the website ... (but this does not explain now, but will be subject of another article).

How do the updates ?: difference between the actual PageRank and PageRank Google bar work

The PageRank shows the Google bar only updated once every 4 months or so.

The bar shows a PageRank base 10 on a logarithmic scale. That is, it is easy to climb from 0 to 1 or 2 to 3, but instead is very difficult to climb from 5 to 6, and even more up 6 to 7. But this is not the actual PageRank of our website, but value that Google assigned the last time you updated the PageRank bar.

The last update was carried out on January 24 and this time it has done on May 1, a few days before they met the mandatory four months.

During 2006 there were 4 updates PageRank: in February, April, July and late September. In other words, on 4 occasions during 2006 Google has calculated the value of PageRank in base 10 and has exported to the servers that power Google bars. During 2007 he is following the same pattern.

The PageRank that Google uses for its calculations is much more accurate and uses a much larger scale, we do not know how, and Google is a complete secrecy in this regard, although it seems that is based 100. Their internal servers update it daily.

When is the next update?

If all goes well, we should expect it by early September. So all actions to increase the PageRank we perform from now, will not be reflected in the Google bar until September.

This does not mean that before September, our actions are useless. Nothing is further from reality. Recall that Google works with a PageRank in real time.

How to know the PageRank in real time?

The exact numerical value and PageRank, we can not know in real time, but we can make an approximation to the real PageRank, although it is in base 4 instead of base 10 and relative values.

Permanent Link: Learn how to be a substitute Google PageRank: the TRUST RANK

Not much what we get with this, but at least we will know if we have PageRank assigned on every page, and we'll see, if you are increasing the number of pages of our web passing from medium to high, or low to medium.

In my bar I do not see Google PageRank, what I have to do?

By default, the Google bar does not include this information, but from bar options can include PageRank, and thus, while browsing the network will know the PageRank of the pages you visit. This will help you know what websites should try to include your links to increase your PageRank.

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  1. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Hello Remi, it is difficult to know why your PageRank has dropped, the causes can be several:
    1) Han disappeared webs that linked you.
    2) They have lowered the PageRank of websites that linked to you.
    3) Some links you received came from blog networks that copied content (this has lowered their PageRank and therefore yours)
    4) You have changed the structure of your website and the internal PageRank generated by your links has changed (for the worse).

    Do you control who links to you and has PR? following this you will better understand yours.
    Hey, a piece of advice. Sign up for Google+ as the author of your website ( right now is a great way to improve your rankings.
    A hug.

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