Digital Marketing for Artisans in Tarragona

Marketing Digital per ArtesansFriday begin the conference "Activa’t" directed to artisans in the province of Tarragona and that aim to help this group to market their products through the network. They will be held on 21 and 28 October, in the morning, in Valls (Tarragona).

In the first session we will see how it should be a website to publicize handicrafts and techniques to attract visitors to the site (SEO, SEM, advertising, eMail Marketing, Public Relations blogs and press, and all the tools related to web 2.0 and social networks).

In the second session we will see how to convert visitors into business contacts or customers and how to measure results (persuasion, usability, reliable transmission, engines e-commerce, community building and web analytics).

The sessions are organized by the Tarragona Province and they are free. If you are interested in attending them, please contact the department as soon as possible with local development of the Provincial de Tarragona ( loss. 977 249 488).

See you there.

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  1. Montse
    Montse says:

    Jordi, creo que te respondí ya por mensaje privado, pero lo hago en abierto también por si alguien más tiene la pregunta: en principio este curso no está previsto para Barcelona. No descarto que se pueda hacer, pero debería solicitarlo alguna asociación de artesanos a través de la Diputación de Barcelona. De momento, no hay ninguna solicitud.
    Lo siento.
    A big hug.

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