Our courses are already fully hardenable through the Tripartite Foundation

This week we have achieved a remarkable milestone in Quadrant Alfa (The company through which canalizo training courses that impart directly): All our courses can be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation.

In practice, this means that for many companies, the courses we offer are free or almost free, as may recover amounts invested in training, via a bonus trading on fees paid to Social Security. The whole procedure take place from Alpha Quadrant.

We will debut in the next Course WordPress to be held in Amposta. LCompanies wishing as a bonus of 340 euros for the course can apply by writing to formacio@quadrantalfa.com this week before Thursday (aid can not be processed if it is within 7 days for training).

From here I take the opportunity to congratulate the whole team of the accounting department and training, which together have made this good news.

We talk to each other.

A hug.

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