New change in Google's algorithm: mobile websites will be positioned better

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Content of this article

From April 21 Google includes a new variable in the algorithm that sorts the searches: mobile websites will be positioned better.

For now, this only affects mobile searchesThat is, if we look from a desktop Google shows the algorithm without this variable, however, if sought from a mobile or a Tablet, Google changes the results and premium websites with mobile version or with designs responsive.

How I can tell if Google sees my mobile or web site?

We have 2 ways to find out:

  1. Google tool to optimize websites for mobile. Google has created a tool that tests your site from the point of view of a mobile. You will find it here: Mobile Google test
  2. It has created a new section on Google Webmasters -> Search Traffic -> mobile usability in performing a test to your page and indicates errors from the mobile point of view you see in your web.

It is a change that makes little sense and that my part has been very well received.

I hope this information will be useful and if you have not already done so, as soon as you can adapt your web to mobile. Google accepts two options: creating a mobile-specific website, or a responsive design (which adapts to the screen resolution of the user's device).

The source of this information is Google directly. You can read the article that informs users of this change by clicking here: Finding more mobile friendly websites

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