Augmented reality applied to Cultural Tourism

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If you've ever attended one of the events in which I explain what is Web 2.0 and introduce Web 3.0 already know what the Augmented reality. This is a layer of information that we can see on reality, and that is visible through our mobile phone or through special glasses that serve as a screen.

The use of this technology for cultural promotion offers huge possibilities: simply display additional information on an appeal on printed on the image of that resource, to show this same resource in other storage conditions (for examples, showing how the ruins were actually we're seeing).

The current stage of development of this technology is still in its infancy, but there are already a host of applications that operate using augmented reality. In my previous post I hung a presentation entitled Culture 2.0 - From Web 1.0 to 3.0 in screenshots showing some of these applications that are already running.

What today wanted to show through this article it is how this technology will evolve shortly.

The video I embedded below these lines shows how to use the Augmented reality applied to Cultural TourismAt some time (the "some time" corresponds to a range from the next 2 years until the next 5, but in any case, not beyond ... so it's not science fiction, and level of developer is working to that is reality as soon as possible).

Filas – Cultural Heritage Technology District Spot (2010) from soryn on Vimeo.

I observed in the video how a control interface that we only see us (through our glasses), seen as wearing glasses can see information related to cultural resource is used, and also notes as we can see the reconstructed cultural resource (generated 3D specialists) and located exactly on its original site.

It is a tremendous advance in the field of both asset management and tourism! The possibilities are endless.

Note: the video has reached me through the kindness of Toni Rufo, of

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