Review of "REAL TIME THROUGH" by Vernor Vinge - Icarus Ed.

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Content of this article

"Through the Real Time" an entertaining book that raises a good story, even though it actually three books written at different times is.

The book presents us with time travel, but only forward, using a technology that allows the creation of bubbles enclosed in a kind of ecstasy all that is left inside, getting no time passes for those who are locked inside.

The book extends over millions of years and narrates the history of mankind.

The frame is divided into two parts. The first, places the reader in the near future in which humanity is recovering after a nuclear disaster caused by a world war. This part is fun and is pure literature "steampunk".

The second part is more Science Fiction of all life (to speak) and explains how humanity's future, in the distant future ... although most are not human because something has happened in the XXIII century and have only left the humans who for one reason or another were emburbujados.

The book presents a future society in which humans must live in different times and access to different types of technology (depending on the time they were emburbujados), and consequently with different social models. The main task of this society is to perpetuate the human species, even though the few hundred copies of remaining humans.

To encourage a bit more plot, the author includes a murder, a police century and to some alien.

100% recommendable.

5 replies
  1. Federico G. Witt
    Federico G. Witt says:


    First, congratulations on the blog, interesting, like everything you do (and you read in, where he also collaborated).

    Regarding the recommendation of the book, I will say that it has been withdrawn from sale for alleged irregularities publishers. The review is therefore valid if purchased separately Vinge's novels that compose it.

    This series, like most novels of Vernor Vinge, round the favorite subject of the author: the Singularity Tecnológica (, A subject on which, incidentally, I gave a talk at the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid ( And on that soon I shall also speak in Medellin, the meeting Fractal'09 at a meeting of cyberpunk which also will participate people like Bruce Sterling, John Kessel and James Patrick Kelly. Vinge is an interesting author.

    In the book you reviews, play with different situations in which the Singularity, having been given, they can be excluded so that we can talk about that time (you know that, according to this hypothesis, can not write novels acclimated at a time postingularidad because right now we are unable to understand what will happen, just as a mouse now pass in front of the White House not aware of what goes on inside.

    a greeting

  2. jorge
    jorge says:

    Hola, acabo de descubrir tu sitio y me gusta mucho. Te escribo porque necesito un favor. Te comento que soy un gran lector de ciencia ficción y hace mucho tiempo ( 20 años mas o menos, hoy tengo 37) me prestaron una novela que me cautivó y me produjo mi acercamiento al género. Se sitúa en la Antartida donde encuentran accidentalmente restos de una civilización antigua (Atlantida), recuerdo que encuentran una pareja de supervivientes que se encontraban criogenicos y en la historia nos lleva permanentemente del presente al pasado de éstos personajes. Historia atrapante y con un desenlace inesperado.
    I ask if such data with these inches can tell me see author or title of the work. I upset that I have a great affection for this work and would like to have it in my library.
    If you prune help you appreciate it.

  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hi George, I regret to say that I have no idea what book could be ... but I have a few friends, also fans of the CF and of a certain age, to whom I ask to see if they are what book takes place can be. Remember the nationality of the perpetrator? another clue?
    We talk to each other.
    A big hug.

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