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Amos de Títeres, Robert HeilenGenerally, books Heal I like, despite its moral and its fascism (which came not sure if it is fake and therefore caricatured, or is real ... but hey, the books are well and have rhythm), but this time, with "Puppet Masters"I have been unable to finish the book (and this rarely happens to me).

This book is written in 51 and the passage of time note:

  • It is sexist to abusive ends.
  • The future in which history passes (more or less our present) is completely outdated and shabby (not shabby to steam punk, this would be fun ... tatty tatty really).
  • The story goes aliens coming from Titan and occupying human bodies to go invading Earth (it is most normalillo for the time, we could say that "a classic" ... but it is an argument that is already very tired ... and above we know that there is nothing on Titan).
  • In the book nothing happens noteworthy and characters are not credible.

Anyway ... maybe in 1951 it was interesting (won four Hugo awards and 3 Locus), but now not even worth buying it nor read it.

(... And by the way, who designed the book cover [which is the only thing that saved] I'm sure you did not read it, it has nothing to do with the story)

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  1. Faraday74
    Faraday74 says:

    Tan sólo me gustaría dejar una pregunta que quizá lleve a alguna reflexión: ¿estamos seguros que en Titán no hay nada (vida)? Porque según los últimos datos de las sondas allí enviadas parece que pudiara haber algún tipo de vida. Quizá, sólo digo quizá.

    Mejor no ser tan tajante para desmentirlo, porque puede que en los años venideros encontreos vida en muchos lugares del sistema solar y Titán es un excelente candidato para ello.

    Por otro lado, gracias por las reseñas que realizas. Son interesantes y de mis gusto.


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