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Polar Antrdida StasiónThis is a book that is read at a time and engaging from the first page, but it is not science fiction itself (increasingly costs more to find science fiction in bookstores), it is a technological thriller with a good base is key scientific and military context.

If not because it is clear that the author is Matthew Reilly, an Australian born in 1974 who had not read anything above, as indicated by the review of the New York Times, it seems that he has written himself Michael Crichton or Clive Cussler by fast pace that prints its scenes and suspense generated at the end of each chapter.

El libro nos narra una historia que transcurre en una remota estación polar estadounidense en la Antártida, donde un grupo de científicos ha descubierto un objeto atrapado en el interior de una capa de hielo de cuatrocientos años de antigüedad. A primera vista, dicho objeto parece una nave espacial y por ello, mucha gente está dispuesta a conquistar la base y hacerse con el objeto.

A team of US marines, a charismatic but miss time Lieutenant Shane Schofield at the head, goes to the polar station to protect the find, while in the United States a journalist investigates about conspiracies between the military, the CIA and other government agencies, and a former military look to unmask infiltrators into the body of the Marines, one of these agencies.

Es muy curioso ver cómo el autor ha tratado las alianzas entre estados de la OTAN y cómo éstas alianzas tan pronto penden de un hilo, como pasado un rato, muestran ser las más solidas del mundo… al menos a ojos del público general. También es divertido ver a los franceses y a los ingleses como rivales de los norteamericanos… si alguna vez llevan el libro al cine y lo convierten en un guión, no creo que les permitan mostrar a fraceses e ingleses como a enemigos.

In short, it is a good book for a weekend of fun week, but not forcing you to concentrate on the details or plantearte existential dilemmas. Personally, I have learned a lot about military weapons and strategy. That said, it is a book 100% recommended.

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  1. Jordi Vila
    Jordi Vila says:

    For better militarist fantasies Tom Clancy where you'll stop ... That to explode nuclear devices everywhere, or aircraft with nuclear reactor on board ... and lack of concern about what happens when you pop nuclear weapons or nuclear reactors ... And radioactive contamination?
    When talking about short and technology bombs and other weapons, it seems successful. The rest ... Of course, the pace you want, as Dan Brown ...
    We wrote.

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Hehehe ... Tom Clancy's fine, but it's for emergencies. When summer I'm somewhere where there is a decent library (ie, having Science Fiction), that's when I read Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, Ken Follet ... the trouble is that snagged truth and as Leo being holiday, ever have spent a whole day reading (night included) ...

  3. Lennin Ruiz
    Lennin Ruiz says:

    Well, I just read the prologue and angancho me, I like your review addition, Greetings

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