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the Prefect

This novel is science fiction considered "hard" and is part of the saga Revelation space by the same author. Tells a detective story based in Society Bright ring, Although it can be read independently.

As in the other books, the universe of Bright Ring is well established and is consistent. In it we find characters and races of the most curious. One of these races, which I think was introduced in the book "Chasm city"Is that of the hipercerdos: Genetically modified pigs to serve to spare human organs but have evolved and end are classified as a race apart and considered full-fledged citizens. In "The Prefect" we have a hipercerdo that performs the functions of assistant protagonist. As in his other books also have machines that are almost human (the "Ulta"), And machines that are almost human.

The Glitter Band consists of a set of human habitats living in a kind of federation, but in which each habitat has its own rules and create their own types of society. So Reynolds recreates explaining different types of cultures and social organizations. If we add that Alastair Reynolds studied Physics and Astronomy, and worked as an astrophysicist at the ESA (European Space Agency), the book becomes something really interesting and worth reading.

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  1. Oscar Pons
    Oscar Pons says:

    Hello Montse.

    I finished today 'Prefect' and I fully share your opinion. It is a very interesting and original book, a little away from other books in the series, as this is more affordable than the other as regards the argument is more adventurous, more a story of suspense.

    I love Reynolds, I think it's the science fiction author who has most contributed to the genre in this decade.

  2. Antonio de la Torre
    Antonio de la Torre says:

    Montse, now I'm reading The Ark of the Rendención and so far, I'm enjoying it a lot, even more than Revelation Space.
    However, I have read negative reviews of the Gorge of Absolution, fourth installment of the series. What is your opinion of the latter?


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