Review of "Neuropathy" by R. Scott Bakker - Ed Minotauro.

NeuropataI do not usually speak ill of the books I read before buying because I make sure that I liked ... this will be the exception that proves the rule. What a roll of a book!

The title and the synopsis on the back cover promised a science fiction novel, based on biotechnology and mind control. "Manipulating the human brain is easier than you think"Indicates the cover ... but no. Not science fiction. It is a story about "neuras"A psychologist talking with a neurosurgeon friend, whom some futuristic touches are given to look like science fiction.

It may be my fault ... and maybe someone with training in psychology may find the book fascinating. To me it made me endless. I almost left half ... I got the feeling that a lot of subplots are straw to fill pages of a book that purports to be a scientific basis supported by recent discoveries in consciousness research, but does not engage, I do not understand and whose characters have no depth (except the 2 main characters).

La historia va sobre un psicólogo, profesor universitario, que es un fracaso en la mayor parte de aspectos de su vida (hijos, matrimonio, carrera…). Todo cambia cuando una noche un antiguo amigo llama a su puerta y le confiesa que ha estado trabajando éstos últimos años en un proyecto gubernamental orientado a la neuromanipulación. A partir de ahí, la trama se lía con subtramas y con personajes secundarios que no pintan ni cortan nada. Los diálogos entre el psicólogo y su amigo se hacen interminables. Se pasan páginas enteras discutiendo sobre lo que es realidad y lo que es ilusión en nuestros pensamientos y en nuestras vidas… y encima utilizando frases del tipo "(...) we adapted from the neurorradioquirúrgicos stereotactic devices themselves, which are used for superimposing particle beam to burn tumors.”

Anyway ... only recommend if that is not anything better to read, or if psychologist is ...

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