Mobile session in Girona Tourism Marketing

Turisme Costa BravaOn December 13 I have the pleasure of giving in Girona a session devoted entirely to Mobile Marketing for tourism businesses.

This session is taught in the context of training: VIII Training Workshop of Tourism of Costa Brava which aim to train in different areas all tourism businesses in the Costa Brava.

This session will cover the following:

  • What is Mobile Marketing and why it is so important.
  • How to know if we need it or not.
  • Different ways to practice the Mobile Marketing
  • Different ways to get a website to be fully functional from a mobile phone.
  • Different types and levels of application for a mobile phone.
  • Two-dimensional codes, what they are and what they do. Tools to create them ourselves.
  • Advertising on mobile phones and how we can hire.
  • Augmented reality applied to mobile telephony.

As usual in this type of session, I will see that as practical as possible and all examples will be related to tourism.

Registration for this session was closed due to lack of available seats, but the organization has changed the location where it should be done in this way, able to accommodate more people. So if you want to attend and you had not communicated to the Patronat, there's still time to do so. You will find more information here:

Note: If your company has already developed some tourist application you want to analyze and, eventually, include best practices, please contact me through this blog. In the end credits I will thank these companies and will include their data.

We talk to each other. A hug.

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