Rural tourism in Córdoba (Argentina)

Turismo Rural en Cordoba - ArgentinaLast week I had the pleasure of giving 16 hours Digital Marketing for Rural Tourism in Argentina, in the region of Córdoba. The experience could not be more rewarding (although it was also exhausting).

My classes were part of a course Rural tourism offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Argentina. Its objective was to provide a complete picture of what is rural tourism and how it is done, people who are working in this area (rural establishments in the region of Córdoba, responsible for tourism service companies active tourism and tourism managers of municipalities in the region). To do this, several classes were held for a week:

  • Introduction to Rural Tourism course (The imparted Francisco J. Castle Adleisure []. Ad Leisure is the company that created the plan for the revitalization of tourism in Cordoba and has developed a comprehensive strategy among other actions, transforming the old Camino Real in a tourist product internationally, to achieve contacting visitors with the beautiful landscapes of northern Cordoba and delicious cuisine flavors of colonial [] This week's training was part of the plan prepared by Ad Leisure)
  • Quality Rural Tourism (The Pedro Armas gave Rusticae []). The objective of this session was to provide a clear vision of why and how tourism originates in rural areas, successes and failures, characterization of the sector, key business of rural tourism, best practices in rural tourism in Spain and Europe.
  • directly through Internet marketing Rural Tourism (Those were mine. I explained the techniques to attract visitors to a website [including tools of Web 2.0], techniques to convert visitors into customers, and techniques of loyalty and customer development ... all focused on Rural Tourism )
  • Rural Tourism Marketing by tour operators (Given by Juan Jose Rodriguez Carrillo Recreation factor []. Entertainment factor is the biggest tour operator specializing in Rural Tourism in Spain.
  • Rural Tourism and Sustainability (This session also gave Francisco J. Castle Adleisure []).
  • Example of a rural hotel management (Given by Javier Moragrega. Hotel Owner's factory Solfa [] Located in the Matarraña in Teruel. Javier is also a partner of SENDA, a company of active and adventure tourism Matarraña operating in and in the region of Els Ports, in Tarragona.
  • Example destination management rural (The destination was the Matarraña and the talk was given by Eli Diez, responsible for Tourism Matarraña, Teruel)

From the comments received, I think the students were very happy and they perceived that there is a before and an after, after receiving training all week.

For my part, I'm happy for them. They deserve it. Cordoba are lovely people and preparation ... and Cordoba is a city with great tourist potential. Your region as well.

Unfortunately, between flights and classes, I had no time to walk the Camino Real, or to visit the Cordoba region ... so I have the perfect excuse to return again, this time more time with my family :-)

We talk to each other.

A hug

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  1. Gaby Taborda
    Gaby Taborda says:

    tuve la gran satisfacción de formar parte del auditorio que te siguió atentamente en la Ciudad de Córdoba, Arg. Realmente hemos quedado todos muy sorprendidos y entusiasmados con el Curso de Turismo Rural, la calidad y calidez de cada uno de los disertantes que nos acompañaron durante las 5 jornadas y de las cuales formaste parte fue excepcional. En particular tu disertación nos hizo un gran y sonoro CLICK en nuestras ideas y poco a poco, pero sin pausa, estamos intentando llevarlas a cabo. Varios proyectos se incubaron durante este Curso, ahora, es el momento de trabajar para darles forma y concretarlos. Estamos inmensamente agradecidos por todo lo que compartieron con nosotros y por lo que nos enseñaron con tanta calidez humana. Ojalá nos volvamos a encontrar y podamos enseñarte cómo llevamos a la práctica lo que aprendimos. Gracias y hasta pronto!

  2. Constanza Inaudi
    Constanza Inaudi says:

    Dear Montse,
    44 years ago, with my family, we are with rural tourism. Since I was born I am working and enjoying the most fascinating activity that I have ever met! 5 intense days sharing with you have been amazing! Shared a lot, learned a lot and lots and lots of work to be done. Thank you for your openness and generosity! We waited again and hopefully soon. From Cordoba Argentina with love!

  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    Gaby and Constanza, thank you very much for your comments. I'm glad to see that you found it useful training. It was a real pleasure to share these days with you and other fellow students. I love to go following your changes. A hug.

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