Video Presentation on the basic processes to attract visitors to a website

The Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce acaba de publicar los vídeos de las ponencias que se llevaron a cabo el día 20 de febrero, a las 9 de la mañana en la Casa Llotja de Barcelona.
Montserrat Peñarroya Video

La jornada tuvo por título How to stand out from the competition and maximize results?

En la jornada participaron Josep Morell y Jordi Bosch, representando a la Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona y a PIMESTIC, seguidamente Josep Lluís de Gabriel de la empresa Bitlonia que explicó cómo aprovechar mejor, a nivel empresarial, lo que internet nos ofrece.

Tras ésta ponencia, llegó nuestro turno y desde GEA IPC presentamos “Los Procesos Básicos del Marketing Digital”, y explicamos las 9 techniques to attract visitors to a website. The slides also include the 6 techniques to convert visitors into business contacts, But due to the limited time available, we discussed not although we prefer to include them in the slides.

Following these presentations, two companies participated as a Best Practices: Jordi Arnau, Director General of BD Barcelona, A company that publishes author's furniture (including Salvador Dalí, Gaudí and Oscar Tusquets) and exported around the world, and Xavier Trillo represented his company, which is engaged in marketing of inflatable and air tanks pure.

In this way, attendees could see direct applications of the techniques explained in previous papers.

After the ceremony ended, we proceeded to a discussion and to end the day, to move to take a networking breakfast, before proceeding with the daily tasks of each.
Click here to view the videos and slides of all presentations: Digital Marketing Day PIMESTIC and House of Barcelona

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