2 courses of Electronic Commerce in the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

In late March the new courses start Digital Marketing and E-Commerce organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

This year we have planned 2 courses in 2 different locations: the headquarters of the camera Barcelona (Diagonal, 452 Barcelona) and one in the seat in said chamber Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Laureà Miró, 350 Sant Feliu de Llobregat).

Both courses are the same: consist of 3 sessions of 5 hours. The first one dedicated to Electronic commerce (What it is, what it does, what tools we can use to create an electronic commerce, which must take into account special legal level, logistics, etc.).

The second and third sessions are devoted to Digital Marketing:

  • Techniques to attract visitors: SEO, SEM, eMail Marketing, Online PR i all the tools of Web 2.0 and social networks explained)
  • Techniques to convert visitors into customers and customer loyalty: Usability, Persuasion, transmission of trust, creating communities, the various techniques of loyalty and Web Analytics (essential for the control of all treated during the course techniques) explained.

All are made in the computer rooms of the headquarters of the camera, so every student has a computer to perform the exercises and to go to practice all that is being presented in class, hence the maximum number of participants in each course is 15 people.

Sant Feliu the course starts on March 29 and ends on April 11th (3 sessions of 5 hours)

The course starts in Barcelona on May 26 and ends June 9 (also, 3 sessions of 5 hours)

Here you will find the documents in which the content of the courses explained in depth as well as contact details of the Training Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona:

See you there.

A hug

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  1. sandra
    sandra says:

    estic interessada a fer aquest curs de comerç Electronic i Marqueting Digital a la Cambra de Barcelona, em podràs dir el preu?

    Per cert…..felicitats per la ponencia d’Escodi!! em va encantar!!
    Dinámica, fresca, interessant!!!

  2. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Sandra, aquest curs és de l’any passat, aquest any els estem duent a terme a la Cambra de Sabadell i a la Cambra de Terrassa, el que passa és que tots dos estan començats. A la de Sabadell podries matricuar-te encara a algun mòdul (el de conversió de visites… o el de web 2.0…). Et recomano els seus llocs web.
    A big hug.

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