Changes in the business models of Cultural companies

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Adaptation of business models in cultural companies

Content of this article

From the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL this week we have been working on the analysis of how companies in the Cultural sector are adapting different components of their business models because of the Covid-19.

We have found adaptations of their models in the value proposition, in the ways of distributing their products or services, in the selection of their target audience and other more components. Unfortunately we have not found many changes and adaptations in the income section. Even so, the research carried out is interesting and I think it will give of itself for a not so informative and more scientific article.

The article has been well received by the press and it has been published directly in several magazines, and it has been referenced in others.

You can read it here:

Audiovisual panorama: Nine keys on the adaptation of business models of cultural companies by COVID-19

Entrepreneurs Magazine: How to adapt your business model if you are a cultural company

Today's Economy: Nine keys on the adaptation of business models of cultural companies by COVID-19

Senior Manager: Nine keys to adapting the business models of cultural companies due to the coronavirus

If you are interested in Marketing for Cultural Industries, you may also be interested in an article that I wrote on February 18, 2020 about growth strategies and about the help to create strategic plans of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat.

You will find the article here: Cultural Marketing - Digital Marketing for Cultural companies in 2020

I hope this information from you is useful.

The next article that we will prepare from the Research Institute is about the forced digitization of companies ... it is titled something like "Adaptation or digitization", when we have it finished, I share it through the blog and social networks.

Keep in touch.

Hope it all goes well for you

A hug


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