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  1. cristina
    cristina says:

    Good afternoon Montse,

    This morning I had the privilege of you to do me a master class on electronic commerce.

    Among all the various subjects which includes mk and the company could argue that this is the month that always put me ass.

    I have to thank you for opening my world and help me understand. You have a way to tell and a passion that is inevitable "reform" to your listeners.

    So far I have devoted to the subject of the brick (for my family more than anything) but now, given the situation and my father retires I found the opportunity to return to an advertising agency that really is what m 'passionate.

    I started one day and the next day sent me to listen to me go updating. I tell you all this because I would love to participate in these courses you do that last a week to train me well in these subjects and thus provide good services to our customers, not just selling design. I could tell when your next course (albeit ny) to attend to see?

    In addition to the conference have said that maybe early next year we propose from here. You have already recorded or that is yet to be determined, it is only possible to assess the expected move me or wherever you do.

    I hope you know forgive my intrusion and stolen you not too long.

    Thank you again,

    Cristina Puigpinós

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