Love and understanding are the foundations of leadership

Every Monday, my ex - boss Antonio González Barros sent through a mailing list, a small fragment of a book that has especially liked. I am fortunate and privileged to be one of the people receiving your emails, so that every Monday, beginning the week with inspiration and renewed energy.

This week, Antonio has sent us a paragraph of a recent book from Álvaro González - Alorda "The Talking Manager" (, Which talks about leadership and how to positively influence the lives of your employees. In this small excerpt of the book explains a story that has particularly struck me and I thought it worth sharing in this blog.

Here is the paragraph, hope you enjoy it and find it useful:

For months I had the opportunity to listen to Brian Bacon, founder of the Oxford Leadership Academy, a seminar closely with Professor Luis Huete of IESE. At the end of the day, Brian Bacon told the following story:

A few years ago, I participated in a conference in San Francisco. I was a lecturer second in a big event in which characters speak giants like Peter Drucker, Peter Senge and Michael Hammer: the Who’s Who of leadership and organizational change. In fact, I was rather in the category Who’s He?…

The conference was held around the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. For two days, the speakers had made a display of scientific wisdom on how to lead organizations. He spoke from the reengineering of human resources to the changing structures, through the best key leadership. Attendees had paid $ 5,000 to spend two days there, listening to great figures.

At the end of these conferences, the organizers tend to distribute a questionnaire to assess the impact of speakers and their messages. To everyone's surprise, the Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whom managed to convince to participate in the event- it was the first in the rankingAnd away from the second. Interestingly, it was not part of the panel of speakers, but had been invited to give a little message at the end. In fact, he did not speak more than thirty seconds. He took the podium, stood for a moment in silence, and with a very soft voice, said:

'So you want to change people. But do you know your people? And did you want? Because if you do not know people, no understanding, and if there is no understanding, no confidence, and if there is no trust, no change.

"And you want your people? If there is no love in what you do, no passion, and if there is no passion, you will not be prepared to take risks, and if you are not prepared to take risks, nothing will change.

"So, if you want your people change, I think: Do I know my people ?, and I want my people?

The message of Mother Teresa had been suspended in the auditorium and you could tell he was hit. As strong as when someone hears the truth.

This story of Brian Bacon brings me to the following conclusion: to make a person change, the most promising avenue is to inspire, after having accepted as it is. And you're inspiring when others see in you not only professional skills, but also some personal qualities worthy of imitation. When there is consistency between what you think and what you say and also between what you say and what you do. In short, when you transmit authenticity, a quality that conquest with many small efforts and often requires swimming against the current.

I hope you will also be inspiring.
You have a good day.
A big hug.


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  1. Fernando Maciá
    Fernando Maciá says:

    Brief, concise and greatly inspiring post, Montse. Authenticity is what you have, you do not need more talk or ornaments to show strong as it is. Often in the quest to find the magic wand to lead teams, we engage in scholarly texts thousand gurus when in fact, what is needed is as basic as a genuine interest in the people with whom we work every day . Thank you very much for your excellent post.

  2. Ivan
    Ivan says:

    I have pending write an article about an event that happened to me a friend and colleague:
    "A company has no values: the values ​​are those that form."

    In the end, sincerity for dividends and can be seen in multiple areas. An example is the management of teams, another customer management. All phone companies have large and very expensive CRM applications, but how many of your customers feel well treated?


  3. Lissette Maliaño
    Lissette Maliaño says:

    Dear Montse, first thank you very much for sharing this valuable information that personally encouraged me to put into practice so interesting lesson. Share your ideas in nice conclusion to do, "consistency between what you think and what you say and also between what you say and what you do ..." I also feel happy and privileged to receive from time to time what you post your blog. Once again thank you very much!

  4. Pepe Zapata
    Pepe Zapata says:

    Eager to read the new book by Álvaro González. Above, The next 30 years, which also you recommended I was extremely instructive. Thank you.

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