Tourists not made reservations through social networks but use them for inspiration

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A study by Text100 about 4,600 tourists of different nationalities, analyzes trends and behaviors of this group in social networks, and in general, compared to technology.

One detail before entering in social networks: according to this study the main reason why someone travels to a particular destination rather than another, is the price (61%)... Sobering when creating an action plan to promote a destination.

The tourist and social networks

The study shows that social networks are having a crucial role in the first phase of tourism (inspiration) and the last of the four phases (remembrance of experience). 88% of tourists under 34 admit to having used Facebook to decide what they choose for your vacation destination. 49% shared experiences through social networks during or after completion of the holiday.

Still, the recommendations of friends and family remains the main source of influence when deciding on a destination.

44% of respondents indicated that travel blogs helped them decide the fate (specifically blogs traveler more than the destination). 37% said they were travel forums, 27% Facebook, 24% Youtube / Vimeo, Pinterest and 22%.

Regarding Facebook, commenting that the figure of 27% who commented in the previous point, if we break down by continents is quite different: while in Asia 42% of tourists have used Facebook to decide, in Europe is only 15% who confesses did.

The group that has used social networks to find inspiration is aged between 25 and 34 years. Although that has influenced their decision was the segment 18 to 24 years.

Interestingly, in the "over 55" segment, 18% have looked confesses social networks to decide which hotel they selected destination.

With regard to recruitment, in Europe where less travel agencies online (37% in Europe, against 52% in the US and 50% in Asia) are used, although in all 3 cases, is the most widely used source hire both airline tickets and hotel nights (45% overall, Against 41% for web pages directly from airlines and hotels).

Tourists and Mobile marketing

Regarding mobile phones, the study indicates that tourists took the phone to keep in touch with family and friends while we are traveling (68% of tourists).

On the other hand, 33% of tourists use mobile phones to find information about the destination where you are. Approximately 50% preload their mobile applications that will be useful during the trip (read the study to see the type of application).

... It is already sickest 33% of Asian mobile tourists take to work while on vacation (globally, it is 25% of tourists).

Culture and age are the variables that affect the mobile phone usage occurs while on vacation. There is no difference between men and women.

As a negative point, 40% of tourists state that more images share through social networks while traveling if they had access to WIFI networks (You have to take note of this fact by managers of hotels and destinations).

Most shared shopping experiences are positive (for Americans and Asians) and experiences in historical sites (for Europeans).

The study is interesting and says so much more. If you want to go directly to it, you can download it here: study on tourism, social networks and Mobile marketing.

If you prefer to see a summary of the study, here is the video that the authors have done to make it known.

I hope you find it useful.
A hug

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