New course of creating websites in Solsona

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On 18 and 20 September, Forest Technology Center of Catalonia Solsona organized a course on creating websites using WordPress as a platform for creating and managing content.

This course will be held in 2 sessions of 6 hours and aims students to build their own, fully functional corporate website with optimal indexing Google and built web analytics.

To do this, students come to class with a hosting and domain name hired, and your own computer is requested. In class the fitting of WordPress will work (although it is better to hire a hosting students who already have it installed, I recommend Accommodation Junior CDmon, Which already leads preinstalled).

Once the program is installed on the hosting of the student, we will start creating website. To do this, each student will choose a free theme or (in Or payment (in see templates for WordPress) and together we will begin to introduce the contents of a corporate website (who we are, what we do, our products-services-rooms [depends on the case], contact us, etc.)

During the classes, we will see how search engine optimization works, how to get a multilanguage site easily, how to obtain reliable statistics as quickly indexed in all search engines, etc.

The registration deadline is September 12.

To ensure that all students finish their classes online web and running, the maximum number of participants is 15.

For more information, please contact the Secretary of the Forest Technology Center of Catalonia . Rising Seminar s / n. 25280 Solsona. 973 481 752. fax 973 481392 .

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