Presentation of the Guide to Electronic Commerce in Igualada

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Content of this article

Today we have carried out the presentation of the Electronic Commerce Guide at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona in Igualada.

The presentation was made by the Director of that office. To accompany the event, Alex de Anta gave a talk on the key success factors in implementing an Electronic Commerce, and I gave a talk explaining a part of the Guide.

As time was limited (1 hour and a half), I only explained the 9 basic techniques to attract visitors to a website, and 6 basic techniques to convert them to business contact. These techniques only have explained above, unfortunately, because it would have needed a minimum of 10 hours to explain this part as a monographic course.

The guide itself can read the same information, but more extensive and complete. I have also indicated participants in the web GeaMarketing and this blog will find additional information and other presentations that can help them expand any of the items discussed in the paper.

I forgot to comment on companies that have attended the presentation of the Guide, the Chamber of Commerce subsidizes 50% of the cost of conducting a small study on the Strategic Plan for the Implementation of an Electronic Commerce, for any company of Barcelona area you want to start selling over the Internet. The total cost has to bear the company is 750 euros and can be ordered through the delegations of the House of Barcelona.

The next presentation will be on Thursday November 27 in Mollet del Valles. At 9h30 'am, at the headquarters of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce held in this population.

See you there.

5 replies
  1. Montse
    Montse says:

    Gracies Daniel, tens raó. Hi havia un ball de lletres a la URL. Ja ho he arreglat. T’estic molt agraïda de que m’hagis avisat.

  2. David
    David says:

    Hi Montse,

    Me interesaría leer tu guía de comercio electrónico. Creo que el enlace está roto o no va directamente a la guía.

    Creo que esta en catalán. ¿Existe una traducción al castellano?

    Muchas gracias de antemano.

  3. Montse
    Montse says:

    David, tienes razón, han cambiado la web de la Cámara y el enlace está roto. Ahora edito el post y pongo el nuevo enlace. Aquí lo tienes mientras tanto: . Muchas gracias por avisarme.
    Sobre si existe una versión en castellano, de momento no, aunque en breve se publicará una guía un poco más ampliada, en Inglés y en Castellano. Tambien gratuita como esta. Avisaré a través del blog cuando esté disponible online.

  4. David
    David says:

    Muchas gracias Montse.
    Con un simple vistazo de la guía me ha parecido muy interesante.
    El orden de la guía es muy claro.
    Voy a intentar leerla aunque no sea mi lengua materna.

    Estaré al tanto de la proxima guía para leerla y aprender de ella.

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