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Montserrat PeñarroyaYesterday (... finally) we present the Electronic Commerce Guide: 23 Techniques for your e-commerce a success.

It has been long and hard ... like a birth!

It all started almost a year ago. This year Alex de Anta and myself have been writing this guide ... over 80 pages talking about effective techniques for electronic commerce work and a lot of good practices and examples.

The guide we had commissioned the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and ACC10, and therefore has been read and reviewed by these two institutions. It has also been reviewed by proofreaders and typesetters. Each change has required comments and "negotiations" ... hence we have taken nearly a year in power it finished. It's been hard, really. Good thing already.

The Guide will be given away to all companies in the demarcation of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and can be downloaded here: Electronic Commerce Guide

The act of presentació was held at the Llotja de Mar and was part of a day dedicated to electronic commerce. The agenda was as follows:

How can we enhance our e-commerce company

The evolution of information technology has allowed the development of new forms of marketing. The digital economy offers the entire business, a number of opportunities and benefits, and establish new marketing channels, gain efficiency, visibility and savings, while becoming more efficient in the new global markets.

The conference will take place in different blocks which, through experts, there will be a tour of the strategic aspects, concepts and skills within this important theme that is a great business opportunity and business growth for the next anys.En this conference will deal e-commerce refers to the companies: B2B (business transactions between companies) and B2C (business transactions between companies and consumers).

The aim of the conference is to connect experts in the field of e-commerce and business management, so that the experts explain the improvements, advantages and effects of the implementation of ICT and business people can resolve their doubts. This conference should enable the employer to know first hand the benefits that ICT can bring to this area of ​​management in the company.

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