We give the website the hotel you need it most

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Yes it's correct. We do.

The idea was not ours, was of our customers, who in these times of crisis try not to have to pay for the cost of programming a website and convince ourselves that conceptualize and program their page, on account of future benefits or simply as a favor.

But our websites are not cheap. In creating each a marketing team (that conceptualizes, the guides customer and manufactures texts), a programming device (which makes it functional, while technically robusta) and a design team participates (which gives it that special touch that makes it unique and pleasing to the eyes of the user).

So we can not compete with "el_primo_de_tu_vecino_que_hace_webs", but of course, the result offering our pages also has nothing to do with the "cousin".

Esto provoca que nuestros clientes deseen nuestras páginas, pero que a la vez, con los tiempos que corren, a veces sea un poco complicado destinar a ellas los recursos necesarios. De ahí que intenten convencernos para que rebajemos los precios e incluso para que programemos gratis.

Lo más divertido, e instructivo, han sido los argumentos que esgrimían algunos clientes para convencernos de que deseaban la web sin tener que pagar por ella. De ahí que en una reunión de esas de “viernes por la tarde”, en la que nos juntamos todo el equipo y vamos repasando cliente por cliente y viendo cómo va cada proyecto, pensamos que sería una buena idea crear un concurso de argumentos con los qué convencernos de no cobrar una página web y regalar la página a quien estuviese necesitado y a la vez fuese ingenioso en sus argumentos.

We are sure to learn a lot with this contest ... so the cost of programming and page layout actually going to be on staff training.

If you think you can convince us, it could be that consiguieses the website free for your hotel. At least one of the participants will get it (with booking engine included), you could be you.

Here are the contest rules and registration form "We give the website the hotel you need it most

We talk to each other.

A hug.

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