91% of US hotels have WIFI and only 16% charged for it

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Tourism Review has published an article indicating that 91% of North American hotels offer WiFi connection to their customers. According to this same source, 4 years ago, the number of hotels that offered this service in this same country was 35%. So we can see that it is an increasingly offered service and that of course, customers are going to be used to receiving it.

I do not know the Spanish figures in this regard, but it is striking that only 16% of hotels charge for this service, when in Spain, the general trend is the opposite: many Spanish hotels offer WiFi to their customers, but few hotels offer WiFi Free to all your customers. Even so, some are beginning to do so and include free Wi-Fi for certain types of clients, for example, in their packs for Business men and women or for preferred clients.

It seems therefore that in Spain a correction should be made in this sense and in addition to generalizing the offer of WiFi, it should be offered free of charge, if a complete customer orientation is desired.

To read the article in Tourism Review click here: http://www.tourism-review.com:80/top_weekly_full.php?id=1082

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