Guide to Creating Your Action Plan Online

Create your Action Plan in 6 easy steps. Finally, get your organization to grow online ...

You don't need to be a Digital Marketing crack, you need a proven methodology and knowledge of basic techniques.

Discover the SOSTAC method.
Hundreds of successful online businesses use this framework.

Plan de Acción Online

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Discover how to implement growth strategies that work

On the one hand I will explain what the growth strategies of an online business are, and on the other I will teach you how to apply them to your business. We will see it on page 59.

Discover the basic techniques to drive traffic to a website

Bringing traffic to your website will no longer be a problem. In the book I explain the basic techniques that you should know and master if you want your online business to grow. We will see it on page 105.

Increase your website conversion

If your website already receives visits but nobody buys or asks you for information, then you have a conversion problem. You will find the solution on page 139 of the book.

Learn how to create funnels

In the book you will discover how to create conversion funnels that will increase your online turnover exponentially. It is not magic, it is methodology. You'll see it on page 97.

Proven methodology hundreds of customers

The methodology that I explain to you is the one that I implement in all the clients that I have helped in recent years. It never fails and helps you structure your actions to optimize results.

You finally understand Google Analytics

In the book I explain what you have to review each month in your Google Analytics. What data should you follow and how to measure the result of the actions you carry out. Explained on page 146.

Finally you will understand the strategies of your competitors

Together, we will analyze your competition and discover good and bad practices. I will also help you understand the strategies they carry out and so we will see how to overcome them. Explained on page 34.

I'll help you be prepared / d to execute or to monitor implementation

While you are creating your plan, I will train you so that you can execute it or so that you can supervise the execution. It is over leaving everything in the hands of third parties.

Análisis de competidores

All the tools you need to create your plan

The book includes access to all the material you need to create an Online Action Plan professionally:

  • Template to create a competitor analysis.
  • Tables and illustrations with diagrams of the main growth strategies.
  • Real samples of what a strategic plan and an action plan look like.
  • Clear notes are how to proceed step by step.

Create your plan from scratch by doing the exercises proposed in each chapter

You will advance in the plan almost without realizing it:

  • You will carry out a competitor analysis and a situation analysis.
  • You will set realistic goals and create a sales funnel to achieve them.
  • You will learn all the growth strategies and how to apply them to your website.
  • You will learn SEO, SEM, social media management, email marketing and many more Digital Marketing techniques.
  • You will create a dashboard that will allow you to control each of the steps of the funnel and the result of each of the techniques applied in the plan.
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The best investment you could make in Digital Marketing and Online Strategy

This book is the written transcript of the Course "How to create a Strategic Online Communication Plan".

  • More than 20 hours of class at your disposal.
  • All the materials you need to create the plan.
  • All the knowledge you need to execute your plan or to supervise its execution.
  • The methodology that will make your company grow on the Internet.