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International Digital Marketing

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Why do I like Marketing?

This fall I was thinking of going to Bali to telecommute from there for a couple of months. I have taken the entire first semester of leave from the University and I have scheduled the meetings with clients, concentrating them all on 2 days a week to have the rest free and be able to get to know the island... but you have intuited correctly... this is not going to happen... destiny has colluded with all those who said it couldn't be done and I had to cancel the trip. This is not bad news, although it may seem so. Actually, I can't go to Bali because a World Tourism Organization project came out in Mexico in November and possibly another, from the same organization in Tanzania in December. I have also taken the opportunity to say yes to a conference to which I was invited in Veracruz. So… goodbye Bali, hello Monterrey and Veracruz and hello Tanzania!

Why do I explain this type of intimacy? Well, to illustrate the importance of International Digital Marketing. Both projects are related to my specialty: helping companies and organizations make the most of the potential of Digital Marketing to make themselves known and to find customers on the internet... for Tourism it is fundamental and for exporting companies too... and how earth is flat (quoting Freeman) Digital Marketing today is almost mandatory to be International.

What is International Digital Marketing?

He International Digital Marketing is the set of strategies aimed at online communication and marketing outside our country of origin of products and services.

Thanks to the Internet we can reach any part of the world with the same cost as if it were next to home. Only some techniques are different from national Digital Marketing (to call it somehow).

How is International Digital Marketing different from what is not?

They are very similar, if we do not take into account that one aims to penetrate the market at a national level and the other aims to enter a new market, in another country, which is normally not known in depth. There are several things you should keep in mind, I list them below:

  • Every market is different: the needs of our target audience, the ways to search the internet, what they call our product, etc.
  • Online tools are also different: Although Google dominates the search engine market, in countries like Russia or China, they have their own search tools. Also social networks are different.
  • You have to choose the country well: When deciding which markets you want to enter, you should take into account if you have competitive advantages there, if you already have visits from that website, what is the logistics like to get to that country,… among others.
  • Your website should be international: (I will explain this point in the next article).

Why is International Digital Marketing important for your company?

Exporting and expanding a business internationally is a great way to grow and scale a business. And even more, if you do it through the Internet. However, in most companies, the Export department is separated from the Digital Marketing department, the latter being in charge of marketing at the country level, and forgetting the entire international strategy.

Seeing the lack that companies have of having help in this last aspect, this summer I have begun to write my fourth book, this time, dedicated to International Digital Marketing, it will be called “Export 4.0” and it is not finished yet. In fact, I'm going to write chapters and publish some of them on this blog to get feedback and improve the content. I invite you to ask me questions and indicate what you would like to know about it.

In the meantime, here are some resources…

Resources that will help you

International Digital Marketing Course in ACTION: starts next week. We teach it from Quadrant Alpha, so we will see you there. 44 hours of International Digital Marketing, at your disposal for free.

Help to export thanks to International Digital Marketing: to this day there are still funds. It will be open until October 28. Let me know if you want me to help you apply for this grant (for Catalan companies).

article on how to do seo in russia I wrote a few months ago (before the war).

Article in which I explain how to create an Online Communication plan.

And here an article in which I explain How Social Networks work at the level of International Digital Marketing.

I hope you find this information useful.

I reiterate what I said: what aspects of international digital marketing would you like to know more about?

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