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May 14, 2021

I often find that my students of Digital Márqueting They do not have sufficient knowledge of "grassroots marketing" or "basic marketing" as to perform communications over the Internet successfully. So in many cases, before starting the Digital Marketing, explain the basics of marketing and am making parallels between online and offline.

This article is a summary of this basis I explain to my students and the public for if it can be helpful to any reader of the blog. Here I explain the May 14, 2021.

Technique 1: Personal selling

As its name suggests, this marketing technique It is able to sell products or services of our company. They are sales of life, only no longer a study area within second-level Marketing techniques and now take a leading role in the fields of study of this discipline.

Internet, direct sales are made by the website of the company, incorporating into it and e-commerce functionality allowing customers to make purchases themselves directly on the page. It can also be sold through brokerage portals and even through social networks.

You can see an example of direct sales through trading electrónido

Technique 2: Advertising

Advertising It is one of the variables of which the marketing uses to act on both markets to sell more or to alter the image of a brand, therefore, also on the internet has a big role to play.

This marketing technique It is very versatile and is to provide information to consumers, persuasively, to influence their buying behavior and help companies achieve their sales goals.

To achieve its goal (to influence the buying behavior of consumers), you must first define the target audience for each of the actions, and the message to be sent.

By definition, advertising is paid and controlled. The messages are broadcast through the different media in exchange for an economic consideration. This is one of the main differences between public relations (another marketing technique) and advertising. For example, an advertising action could consist of inserting an ad in an online newspaper (the newspaper will charge us according to the number of times the ad is seen, according to the number of clicks it receives, or according to the number of people who sign up for our campaign [each support decides how it charges the campaigns]). Instead, a public relations action would be to contact an online newspaper to get them to write an article about our products or about our company. If what we wish to communicate is of interest to the newspaper's readers, the newspaper will write the article and publish it at no cost to us.

We can see examples of advertising on many websites. To better understand advertising is a good idea to check rates and ad formats that offer us some portals. For example, this link will find the rates and document formats La Vanguardia.

Technique 3: Public relations

Public Relations They are a marketing communication technique with a great capacity to be the alternative to advertising, since its cost is significantly lower and offers ample opportunities for communication as designed to acquire each share.

Public objectives of public relations of a company are usually: customers, shareholders, employees own the company, suppliers, the media, unions, opinion leaders, public administration, schools and similar professions.

The basic objective of public relations is to "credibility" and "trust" by a public company. For this various techniques of dissemination and propagation, telling time and when deemed appropriate, on persons or organizations that wish to inform used.

Public relations tools serve as:

  • Issuing press releases.
  • internal and external communications with various segments of our target audience (employees, shareholders, consumer associations, etc.)
  • Contacts with opinion leaders and customers.
  • Relationships with communication media.
  • Relationships with social organizations (which can serve as a basis for sponsorship of events).

Internet public relations are conducted also using these techniques, but taking as supporting websites, online journals, blogs, social networks, influencers, etc.

If the media asks us money to publish our communication, then this action becomes longer advertising and public relations action.

We can see an example of public relations action reading this article that undoubtedly comes from a press release from the Italian brand of men's underwear "Intimissimi" (

Technical 4: sponsorship and sponsorship

In recent years the sponsorship and sponsorship They are becoming the focus of attention of many businesses and consumers, while not a new tool (sponsorship is a form of sponsorship that is as old as humanity itself).

Internet and digital media in general, we can find suitable supports for sponsorships, sponsorship and patronage.

Internet and digital media in general, we can find suitable supports for sponsorships, sponsorship and patronage.

Sponsorship is not a short-term action. The big difference is that advertising does not seek direct sales and recruitment is for a long period of time (one year, for example).

For example, this blog sponsored by jewelery brand Pandora, included in the digital version of the magazine Hola (

Technique 5: Sales promotion

In terms of concept, a sales promotion is a marketing communication technique consisting of a set of incentives, usually short term, designed to quickly stimulate the purchase of certain products or services by consumers and traders.

Some of the tools most commonly used when making sales promotions are:

  • Discounts for end user (immediate discount on the same purchase).
  • Discounts for distributors (immediate).
  • Vouchers and coupons (with discounts for future purchases).
  • Three x two (produces an increase in repeat purchase immediately).
  • special passes.
  • Free samples.
  • favorable financial treatment (installment payment or special funding).

The ultimate goal of a sales promotion is to get immediately (or very short term) consumer (or distributor) would increase the level of purchase of the product we promote.

Unlike advertising (which informs the consumer of the favorable characteristics of the advertiser, your product or your brand, to raise an intention to purchase), a sales promotion seeks to boost sales immediately. That is, while advertising seeks to provide a reason to buy, a sales promotion provides an incentive to do so.

By definition, sales promotions are limited in time (have an expiration date) and affect the economic dimension of the product or the value obtained with the purchase of the product (offering extra services or additions, for a limited time).

We can see an example of sales promotion, by Burger King - Venezuela and released on Youtube. Burger King Promotion.

Technique 6: Direct marketing

Direct marketing takes different forms but outside the network, the most commonly used are the marketing by mail, and telemarketing. On the Internet, the most common form of direct marketing is email marketing, but increasingly also Whatsapp marketing.

In terms of concept, we can define as direct marketing to an interactive communication system that uses one or more channels, which aims to create and operate a direct relationship between the company and its customers, individually and measurable responses.

because we see that a difference of direct marketing over other communication techniques of marketing, is the fact that communication is done individually: the company, directly to each consumer selected to be recipients of communication .

To do this, on the Internet, we are able to buy lists of emails from people who have given their consent to receive a certain type of communication, or may be developing our own databases from users who visit our website and our own customers.

I hope this summary has been useful and that when you think of the technical marketing communicationsThe have all taken into account. when you create your online communication plan, you should also make sure that you include actions for each communication techniques.

If you were looking for were concrete actions, this article can help: May 14, 2021

We talk to each other.

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  1. Narcís Bosch
    Narcís Bosch says:

    Hi Montse,
    it is useful to refresh and expand this knowledge base in marketing, especially for certain professionals focused on specific areas.
    Your post has gone really well.

  2. Montse Garcia
    Montse Garcia says:

    Very interesting article, clear and concise to summarize in a few clarifying concepts this world that sometimes seems so complicated and full of so many variables. Thank you

  3. Lucia
    Lucia says:

    Congratulations on this information so clear, objective and accurate. It's great to find so useful items.

  4. Viki
    Viki says:

    Totally agree today we have so many new options for communication with the Internet and we want to always limit to do the same and with the same poor results, I for one am using a tool called Marketing and Sales marketer to start new techniques .. and out of the traditional.

  5. Geobuzón
    Geobuzón says:

    Great article! How small contribution, we know that within direct marketing one of the techniques that best results given is that of the mailshot. It is a great method for consumers to remember the different products and use them at their convenience.

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