Microsegmentation and Marketing 2.0

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What is microsegmentation?

The microsegmentación It is a technique that involves dividing the target audience of an almost unique product or service in parts as small as possible ... in really very very small segments.

Many of these segments, so far, were out of the market because they did not represent sufficient critical mass to be considered profitable and therefore were not attacked by advertising or customized products.

This has changed with the advent of the internet and now the cost of reaching these segments and prepare an offer specially designed for them, has made itself considered profitable part of the market, and therefore the microsegmentación is an increasingly used practice because of the good results obtained using it.

The Long Tail and microsegmentation

This marketing concept that involves dividing the target audience and take it into consideration micro segments commercially, is what he calls "The Long Tail" or "the long tail"And it is typical of the new internet, what we call Web 2.0.

It is the opposite to Pareto PrincipleA classical principle in economics and marketing. The Pareto principle postulates that 20% of an action will produce 80% of the effects, while the remaining 80% originates only 20% of the effects.

The Long Tail principle has many advantages, including the following:

  • Thanks to techniques such as SEO or SEM attacking the cost of micro segments is actually very low. In fact, in SEM, the more specific are the words we buy, the less people will buy them and therefore have lower cost.
  • Thanks to microsegmentation can get CTR (click through rate) higher in our campaigns, which allows, for example, improve our position in the sorting algorithm results Adwords, at no cost to us.
  • As few companies practicing Marketing 2.0 these segments will be attacked by few people and have more chances that our message reaches our target audience successfully.

So you know ... the next time you make a campaign of any kind, think of micro segments and creates content / ads for each of them.

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    Thank you for always share with us the latest in maketing and especially in SEM and SEO.
    I loved this post and I'm trying to convince my partners to make a microsegmentació in some products begin to sell very pronto.A see if your post to convince him.


    that Coulibaly
    DGEI 2008 - 2009

  2. Alfredo Moreno
    Alfredo Moreno says:

    Hi Montse,
    (I'm yours alumnus of the UPV) What reason have. My experience with the courses of our university confirms everything you say, training is of interest to many people, but when I was asked to sell a course of "Cunicultura" I was scared, until I realized that it was exactly that, a microsegment public interested in a particular subject. A good SEM campaign with keywords well worked and got waiting list.


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  4. marbella web design
    marbella web design says:

    An important detail microsegmentation is that in terms long tail intend to purchase a product or service is greater than in a broad term, such is not the same search for "bicycle" to look for "buy mountain bike BH 27 speeds "

  5. Miguel Angel Sanchez
    Miguel Angel Sanchez says:

    I started my career does little in the Digital Marketing and hope to learn a little more with your blog, I find it easy to understand and interesting. Thanks Montse.

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