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Presented the report of the Information Society in Spain 2016

The pasado24 February 2017 was presented in Madrid the report published annually Telefónica with all kinds of data and statistics on the deployment of information society in Spain.

This report is a good source of referrals for any talk / work / article you should publish on the Internet and year to year shows very well how the Spanish society evolves.

Here's the link to the website of the Telefónica Foundation in which'll find full report: Report on the Information Society in Spain 2016

And here below the video summary of the report.

I hope you find it useful.

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How to adapt your business to the new internet approaching

If 10 years ago, just when the first smartphones, saw it coming a big wave that would change our business dramatically, today, we come another wave coming that again, it will be disruptive and require major adaptation by companies . We started to call to web 4.0.

cambra_sabadellJanuary 26 morning, I have the pleasure of teaching in the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell, a conference on how this wave coming and how we should adapt our companies. This session is open to everyone and is free (does not happen every day that I invite everyone ... usually my sessions are part of a master or are in company and thus deprived by) ... so even if a little late, I extend the invitation to readers of this website.

The session will address what the web 4.0, what are its characteristics (and go over the web 3.0 to see how it is becoming 4.0) among others will see what is the IOT, the VR, RA, the Semantic Web, how they are using the first AIs, how the economy transforms collaborative value chains, how it handles the Big Data, and go over all the changes that these new technologies behave in our companies).

The conference begins at 9:30 am 'at the headquarters of the Chamber of Sabadell. For more information you will find it here: Montse Peñarroya Conference Web 4.0

See you tomorrow.

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Are we on the verge of replicators we saw in Star Trek?

It strikes me read that start to have claims for patent infringement because of the use of replicators particular level objects ... so I decided to research the topic.

What are the replicators objects?

They also called 3D printers, although the term is spreading is "replicators" or "maker bots”.

So far this technology was reserved for technology centers that created prototypes for companies in sectors as diverse as medical, aerospace, capital equipment, automotive, tools and others, and they wanted to test models created in CAD before being put into production. In this way, they can see the finished pieces (at high cost, of course) designs and decide whether or not they are correct.

How does this technology work?

There are several ways to run a replicator. The most common is to use what they call Fused Depiosition Modelling or FDM. This technology allows from a CAD design, the printer will depositing molten material (which may be polyurethane foam, potato starch, or any other material allowing be patterned) layer by layer, until the equivalent design piece.

That is, no works by creating a mold of the piece and filling, but it creates the piece superimposing very thin layers of molten material and copying 3D design has been delivered to the printer.

web pages that 3D designs are exchanged between users

The widespread use of this type of 3D printers has led resulted in the emergence of websites where people exchange 3D designs for all kinds of parts. That is, the Napster of 3D designs.

One of these pages is Thingiverse. Here we can see, for example, the tab for a design that allows you to replicate Christmas balls: the balls design has been downloaded more than 1,600 times and 16 users have posted pictures of the replicas made by themselves.

As good fruit of the 2.0 era, the page is meant as a Social Media allows more and comment, share designs, share photos of other designs that you already have replicated, etc. Here we can see the pictures of people who have used the design of Christmas balls

It seems therefore that the replicators are no longer limited to technology centers.

How is a replicator?

Looking for more information on these machines, I found a website where you sell MakerBot. Here you can see images of how one of these 3D printers. To my look a little big to keep at home ... but I say, looking at the pictures of the replicated objects using hanging in Tingverse designs, there seems to be more printers scattered around the world than we might think judging by the size of these machines .

Anyway ... it seems patent infringement object design will start to generalize these machines evolve and get it all with a machine in every home.

We are still far from Star Trek replicators, but it seems that we are approaching to "replicators appearance" ... it's something.

I hope the article is interesting you like. My research has fascinated me more about it.

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11 Predictions for the future Tourism

CNN published a few days ago a report on the predictions made by different experts on issues related to transport and tourism in the near future. Based on the investigation, a percentage probability assigned to each point and tidied most likely to least likely. This is a summary of predictions:

99% chance of that: magnetic levitation trains replace air transport

Well, it seems nowadays, high-speed trains are already replacing the aircraft on certain routes such as London-Paris or Milan-Rome. In our case, the Barcelona-Madrid, it is true that more and more people use it, but then to replace the airlift, even missing. Experts say that instead of trains as current, magnetic levitation trains are used (nearly frictionless) much faster than the current yes a replacement in the type of transport for short routes will occur. The prediction is to within about 10 years.

80% chance of that: Passports are obsolete documents

Experts indicate that paper documents will be replaced by microchips and biometric recognition. To me, it's prediction seems more plausible than before and faster to implement ...

70% chance of that: The space is a tourist destination

This is a reality, but not for everyone. But Space Adventures already markets the Russian space flight, Virgin Galactic and prepare their trips to orbit ingrevidez for next year. I would give almost 100%.

60% chance of that: Aircraft fly pilotless

Ui, ui ... here, I would drop them the chance. Although a couple of summers ago I was on the subway line that connects the area Doglands to central London and is driverless. To reassure passengers, there was a responsible man who was walking by train with a bunch of keys in his hand and intimating that he could take control if necessary. But then to generalize on airplanes ... even I see it a bit far.

50% chance of that: Hague hotels in space

Given that there is launching a capsule hotel planned for 2016 ... will all depend on how private space flight work ... but I would raise the probability.

40% chance of that: The planes are part of the transparent fuselage

This would be nice ... to see vast landscapes from the plane. In this case I do not have enough information and knowledge to assess the probability that you assign.

40% chance of that: the cars fly

Ummm ... the cost of something is very high. I would lower odds.

30% chance of that: Let's have a space elevator

There have touched my heartstrings, because as a good fan of science fiction, I spent years following the development of this issue and it seems that the predictions of 5 years are not going to meet (the elevator was scheduled for 2025 and there is a X and-Prize to encourage him to have it long before), but now it is talking about have it by 2050 (although I hope to see either an old woman). So you likely would rise, although long term.

You can find more info on the elevator and how is the issue in this article: space elevator (I included images of the models with which you are working)

20% chance of that: There exist no children flights

This is typical of certain cultures. In London there are establishments that do not let children (not smoking issue, if not to bother) ... and there are airlines on the top floor of the 747 seats allocated no children to ensure silence. So it may be that someone without children a flight to mind. We should see anti-discrimination laws what they think about it.

10% chance of that: The Airport Duty Free disappear and are only a showroom.

It seems very unlikely, although the idea is that you see the products, buy online and have them when you get home. The problem I see is that the Duty Free also are a hobby at the airport ... and that the issue of gifts back home must take into account that are delivered when you arrive, you do not come in the mail while you travel . So I would assign a probability of almost 0%.

To read the original article, you can do so here: CNN Predictions Tourism

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Discover the list of new domain endings

ICANNICANN has published the list of new domain endings and who their aspiring owner. The new endings have been able to apply from 12 January to 30 May and the objective was that ICANN would allow descolapsar search and registration of the current .com, .net, .org, etc.

Besides normal, ie request .cisco Cisco, Apple and Microsoft request .apple request .hotmail .bing .live, etc. We note the following:

  • That most completions have been requested by US companies.
  • Some domain endings have been requested by many companies at once, for example, .app termination requested by a dozen companies. Also .art termination is requested by a large number of companies.
  • We note that there is a company requesting a large number of terminations, it is that have all the earmarks of being speculators domains (see who we are There is another company that has the same appearance.

highlights include:

.Catalonia - requested by the Government of Catalonia

.Catholic - requested by the Vatican

.BCN - Requested by the City of Barcelona

Also it highlights the fact that the SNCF (French railways) have applied for termination, but instead, the RENFE has not requested yours ... you have learned that you could ask for?

The full list can be seen here:

The exact cost of registration remains a mystery, although it looks like the rumors that is $ 200,000 for each termination is true (sorry, I could not find reliable sources to confirm this).

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The new augmented reality glasses Google

A couple of weeks ago Google introduced its new prototype augmented reality glasses. With these new glasses we get closer to the time when the augmented reality through lenses will be available worldwide (now it is already through mobile).

Analyzing the operation observed that the glasses use the voice command to activate the device functions. Not seem to use the movement of hands or eyes, as does the prototype Nokia. Let's see if they publish more videos or more complete information about the device and can analyze it well. The project has been made public now why they want feedback from users.

The video presentation of the augmented reality glasses It is spectacular and needs no words to explain it ...

The prototype with working before this shown in the video glasses were more like "Terminator". We can see them here: Terminator glasses created by Google

It seems that is also working on contact lenses that will allow the same functionality. You can read information about the lenses in this article: augmented reality contact lenses

Although one can not help but really Google controls our lives: know what to look for, know who speak (if you use Gmail), what videos look on YouTube, where we go when we use Google Maps, who our friends by Google+, which products We interest us (when we search Google Shopping) and now it seems that also incorporates the chech-in's to know where we are, with no margin for error.

Obviously this information is used to offer more targeted advertising (Facebook is winning the game right now, offering segmentation to name company in which the target audience works, but it seems that Google wants to take the lead ). I can not help feeling a certain chill with much control ... but it seems that this will be the trend or let you spy or anything based on web 3.0 (mobility, geolocation and augmented reality) will work.

Let's see how it evolves the coming months.

Review of "THE CODEX SECRET" by Lev Grossman, Byblos - Ediciones B

El códice secretoI have outstanding writing large numbers of reviews, so I'll take these holidays to catch up. Today's is on a technological thriller set in a world of video game programmers [a little strange :-)] and librarians [also a little strange :-)].

El argumento del libro nos sitúa en la piel de Edwuard Wonzy, un joven banquero de New York que acaba de aceptar un traslado a Londres, pero al que antes de su partida, la empresa para la que trabaja le encarga a nivel personal, ordenar y categorizar una biblioteca particular. (Aquí casi estuve a punto de dejar el libro: ¿un banquero haciendo de bibliotecario por encargo de su empresa? No tiene ni pies ni cabeza… luego acabas entendiendo que esto ya forma parte de una “conspiración”… pero confieso que como el libro lo había comprado en un supermercado [lo compré en verano y en las librerías de la población en la que me encontraba no había Ciencia Ficción] tenía prejuicios hacia el posible argumento y hacia la calidad del libro).

Total, which results in one of the books to be cataloged there is a esteganograma (mensaje cifrado de tal modo que a su vez, oculta la existencia de otro menaje cifrado, este mucho más fácil de descifrar [en principio]). El origen de este mensaje lo encontramos en un escritor de la edad media con una vida anodina. El descubrimiento del mensaje y su posible publicación podría afectar a la reputación de poderosas familias de origen noble inglés, así que mucha gente está en contra de que esto ocurra. Encontrar el libro y descifrar el mensaje llevará a nuestro protagonista a interactuar con programadores de videojuegos y con bibliotecarios expertos, cada uno de ellos descritos con profusión y mostrando sus rarezas para hacerlos más interesantes a nivel de creación de identidad de personaje.

The truth is that as when I started reading the book I was expecting the worst, did not disappoint the fact that the book itself is loose and "light" (in the sense that it suggests not raise any question of that interests me) but can be read and does its job as reading weekend escape. In addition, the author was pleasantly surprised when describing the den where the programmer who has to interact lived, indicates that "The walls were papered with posters of diagram Mandelbrot reproduced in psychedelic colors". Yes sir! A good freaky anchored in the 80 should have a diagram Mandelbrot hanging on your wall. Good description.

MandelbrotI have none, but I confess that fractals have always fascinated me. In fact, my passion for programming started when I discovered at age 13, when in an equation that I taught school in replacing the variable by a random number (random), obtenía preciosos dibujos en la pantalla de mi ZX-Spectrum. En mi cabeza, las mates dejaron de ser algo abstracto para ser algo visual y bonito (…ingenua de mí). Cuando llegué a la universidad y me tocó estudiar conceptos como Ker, núcleo, Rank… en funciones algebraicas… por desgracia, me volvieron a poner en mi lugar y nunca me recuperé :-).

But back to the diagram Mandelbrot (he is the one I show in the attached picture), precisely Benoit Mandelbrot, the mathematician creator of theories of fractal geometry, died this past October 10, 2010 and some media echoed this and explained some of their work. Through this review I also wanted to pay a tribute.

Here is the link to its listing on Wikipedia if anyone wants more information: Benoit Mandelbrot

Here is a 17-minute lecture by Mandelbrot himself in early 2010 (is interesting): TED – Mandelbrot

To see beautiful fractal images created from the geometry of Mandelbrot studies, follow this link to Google Images: Mandelbrot images

Review of "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez, ED. Umbriel


That book so interesting, entertaining and fun! Especially if you are a regular player of massively multiplayer role games, also called the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role for-Playing Game).

I know I have a large number of reviews for writing (these last months I have not had time to do it), but rather than start where I left off, today I will write the review of the last book I've read: Daemon.

The argument of the book puts us at the present time in which virtually technology controls everything from the sprinklers from our garden, even the most sophisticated security systems, to planes and cars in which we move normally.

Our protagonist is a legendary computer game designer who has just died MMORPG and that before this happens has created a Daemon, a computer program that runs in the background and performs the tasks for which it has been programmed. Our DAEMON has been created in the image and likeness of the protagonist and threatens to destroy the world as we know it.

The story narrates the different adventures co-stars (a couple of hackers working on different sides, a policeman and an FBI agent) to interact with the DAEMON to help in the case of some, or to destroy it in the case of others.

The book is really interesting, not so much as to warn the general public of our dependence on technology (those who live on the network, we are already aware of it), if not because it shows that the book's author is himself addicted to MMORPG games, which undoubtedly causes empathize with him and you read the book with redoubled pleasure.

For those we are accustomed to MMORPGs (can anyone read a blog does not have never played WOW ???) indicate that they are a type of RPG that is played online and which interacts with both the player avatars of flesh and blood, as with NPC (non-player characters) created by the same game. The re-created worlds usually great, but there are also games that recreate famous World War II, as well as pure science fiction scenarios.

This summer, for example, I'm playing with my children to AION un MMORPG fantástico (en ambos sentidos), y juntos vamos descubriendo los mundos de East Lumiel y vamos realizando misiones. Bueno… lo de “juntos” es un decir, porque ellos dedican más horas que yo al juego y mientras que yo soy una guerrera de nivel 18, mi hija de 12 años es una paladina de nivel 25, mi hijo de 20 años es un scout de nivel 32 y mi hija de 18 años es una maga de nivel 45… Pero es divertido, y pasamos buenos ratos jugando juntos. Además, no tiene precio que tu hija pequeña, que en el mundo virtual es mucho más fuerte que tú, te ayude a matar arañas en un bosque encantado.

MMORPGs really are at the top of the game and its popularity is beginning to be important. This year, without going any further, we have seen in television ads World of Warcraft (WOW), something unthinkable until recently. And as a curiosity and shows their growing popularity, I've had this year a Russian student of Master Online in Marketing and Distribution Channels and as a final project master has conducted research on business models MMORPG specifically WOW.MMORPG

The chart included along these lines is precisely your project and shows the evolution in number of subscribers to some of these games. (The source is MMOGChart)

But back to the book, some of the games scheduled for the protagonist of DAEMON are "The door" Y "Across the Rhine". The first is fantastic and the second dedicated to World War II. In fact, one of the first meetings between the DAEMON and one of the protagonists hackers is the scene of the Battle of Montecassino (abbey taken by the Germans in 1944 and Allied troops decided to release on several occasions without success until the 4th time and cost more than 70,000 lives on both sides).

Some of the most interesting scenes from the book go precisely in "Across the Rhine" and it is through this game that the DAEMON has been recruiting acolytes and turning programmer in a God (not keep explaining why spoil the suspense of the book ).

About Daniel Suarez, author, indicate independent consultant working with computer systems and that this is his first novel. Apparently, Dreamworks has bought the rights to turn it into a movie. I'm happy for him!

Anyway ... a book 100% recommended, especially if you move in technological worlds. So if you still have vacation days, do not miss it, go to your bookstore and buy it !!!

What is the mashup, and what are the APIs?

Here is a video that explains very well, although somewhat more advanced than in the previous video (video above =What is Web 2.0) ?, Does the term "mashup" mean and what are the API (application programming interface).

The only obstacle that must be overcome to understand this video is English David Berlind of ZDNet ... it's not that complicated, if not that the problem is that it speaks fast, so you have to concentrate and be very careful.

The video is 3 years but examples are still valid and clearly illustrate the concept.

Enjoy it.

By the way, if you want to know why companies open their source code, and create the APIs that third parties connecten seek their services, you are interested in this article What is a Network Metcalfe?

Maybe Frodo and Sam were right, there's nothing like hobbiton

If there is a publication that I love it is the monthly bulletin Monthly reports on new trends in consumer behavior and design of all kinds of products. It is a really interesting newsletter.

It was on the issue last month I discovered a new construction technique. This is some buildings created from a cement structure made on a semi inflatable sphere, that a once dry cement, it takes away the mold and leaving a building (the size it) with the shape of the half sphere. The photo that appears in these lines corresponds to one of these buildings. Commercializes a company called Binisystems and this type of construction call it a "binishell".


I do not know whether they will be very practical as housing, but seeing the renders images that appear on its website is clearly a building in which our friends the hobbits would feel right at home.

For professional deformation, you can not help but think of the Tourism Promotion Agency of New Zealand, which among other things, used the saga of Lord of the Rings as a tool to promote tourism in this country. And it is that New Zealand came to him out of nowhere that Peter Jackson chose to film Tolkien's bestselling using the locations of his native country and his special effects company Weta Digital (The same that has made the effects of Avatar) and his production Food Three Six, both in New Zealand IBTS.

Thus, the hills of Matamata became Hobbiton and the volcanic region of Mount Ruapeho became Mount Doom where the ring was forged. All these locations, 150 in total, are now resorts visited by thousands of practitioners fans of both literary tourism (variant of cultural tourism is to visit the places where some famous story is located) as Tourism Cinematography (variant centered visit film locations). The complete list of locations can be found here: SHIT localizationsHobbiton

So seeing the success of the film and increased visits were receiving, the New Zealanders decided to leave up some of the scenarios created by Jackson. One of these scenarios is Hobbiton: they have removed the flowers and gardens, but the homes of the hobbits have left them intact and can be visited. The photo I show along these lines corresponds to the current state of this location.

What does the resemblance to Binishells is spectacular?
... I take!